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BASEET EBANO - Men's Moccasin in Suede - HUNDRED100®

BASEET EBANO - Men's Moccasin in Suede - HUNDRED100®

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Loafer  in ebony-colored suede with "Norwegian style" stitching and a revisited loop that combines tradition and modernity. This leather undergoes a particular washing process that gives shine and unevenness, giving each shoe a unique and inimitable look.


The sole is made by assembling the finest materials with a welt in genuine leather hand-dyed. The midsole is also in leather for maximum breathability at all temperatures. The sole is instead in real rubber for exceptional grip and durability.

Finally, the shoe undergoes the "Blake stitching" process (read more) which definitively joins the upper and sole.

As with all our products, the lining and insole are also in genuine leather. The insole is housed on foam rubber padding for top comfort.

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