The Hundred 100 men's summer collection offers a wide choice of shoes made with high quality materials, such as buffalo leather, lambskin and suede. The collection includes different types of shoes, including loafers, derbies, tassel loafers and buckle loafers, available in a range of colors that goes from black to taupe, passing through blue and brown.

What makes these shoes unique is the fact that they are entirely handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen, with great attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. Thanks to their craftsmanship, these shoes are comfortable and functional, without compromising style and elegance.

In summary, the Hundred 100 men's summer collection represents an excellent choice for those looking for high quality products, with an elegant and sophisticated style, but at the same time comfortable and functional, thanks to their craftsmanship and first-rate materials. choices used to make them. Furthermore, the fact that they are 100% made in Italy gives these shoes a further added value

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