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GIUDITTA - Woman's Boot with Zip - HUNDRED100®

GIUDITTA - Woman's Boot with Zip - HUNDRED100®

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ICH (Innovative Conception of Hundred100®) proposes GIUDITTA. Splendid boot of excellent design, built with refined materials. It expresses strength, character, fully reflects the HUNDRED100 style and has a fit suitable for every type of woman.

Splendid boot with internal zip and external buckle that allows you to adapt the fit even to the most abundant calves.
A shoe that, thanks to its design and materials, fully reflects the Hundred100 style.

Certified leather, vegetable tanned in Tuscany, in full respect of the environment and UNI10885 rules. This type of tanning gives the leather unique characteristics of durability, softness, transparency and naturalness of colour. The characteristics of this ancient tanning process are recognized and appreciated all over the world.

The lining has remarkable transpiring characteristics, an exclusive characteristic of natural leathers only. Our covers are deliberately not subjected to the finishing process with pigments but are only dyed in the barrel.

Sole handcrafted using an extraordinary material for lightness, flexibility, resistance (XL extralight).

Natural shock absorber for stress-free comfort for feet and back. Flared profile milling. Wedge sole with toothed profile.

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